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Awakening Your Spiritual Self

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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Gain the clarity and insight you deserve with a spiritual consultation so you can forge ahead on your personal journey. Sharon Elaine Carty's deep understanding, along with her own life experiences, will ease any heartache you may be experiencing through her soul coaching. Give Sharon a call and let her reveal your true power to heal yourself.

As a spiritual advisor, Sharon will help you develop your own psychic abilities, and has experience with past life regression, reincarnation, and energy work. Her insight will help you pave the way to your romantic, business, relationship and financial success.

Spiritual Consultation

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Learn About Spiritual Advisor Sharon Elaine Carty

As an abuse survivor, Sharon is considered a wounded healer. She is open to those who are struggling with harmful circumstances. Since one cannot learn soul coaching from a book or school, Sharon has paired her experiences with other teachers of ancient ages to offer exceptional spiritual consultation. Sharon's ability is centered in the field of metaphysics, which is psychic and spiritual in nature. Her down-to-earth, practical approach lets her handle lofty issues with ease. Main Street Mystic is her YouTube channel where she gives you snippets of her philosophy and spiritual teaching.

There was always something special about Sharon, even from a young age. Her psychic gifts manifested themselves when she was a child, allowing her to have a wide variety of psychic experiencers. After surviving years of abuse, Sharon's mother passed away and became the first spirit to visit her.

Mission Statement

Sharon's mission is to normalize psychic spiritual ways of being.

Sharon Elaine Carty


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